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Orange & lemon cake

August 24, 2012




Oranges and lemons. Fruits I normally like squeezed in my glass, rather than additions to a bake, especially when the recipe calls for the whole fruit, peel, pith and all. That said, the simplicity of the Claudia Roden orange cake recipe (first published in 1963), cited in the excellent The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit, intrigued me. Just five ingredients in Claudia’s cake with no fat nor gluten in sight, the kind of recipe you’d look and think something must have been left out.

The fruit is boiled for two hours prior so the peel looses its bitterness and the juices become sweeter, the whole fruit is then pulped and added to the mix, then baked for an hour. The result is – I don’t say this very often – fantastic. A really light, fresh slice of cake that really does melt in your mouth.

I added a lemon to the stewing oranges to up the more zesty flavours. I want to give some other nuts a try like hazelnuts and different fruits  –  like cherries or even plums might be worth a go.

As it is, this is definitely, my new favourite.




Cream Horns – Olympic torches

August 3, 2012



I said I would not succumb to baking anything remotely related to the games. Then I got all excited at the opening ceremony. Then I got excited about the swimmers. Then I needed something to eat whilst watching the swimmers. Then I found a recipe for ‘cream horns’ whilst searching for dear old Gran Crichton’s shortbread in an excellent 1950’s cookbook – Odham’s Encyclopedia Of Cookery. Then I laughed because I have never not laughed at ‘cream horns’. Now I have made these and called them torches. Now I am going to eat them….whilst watching more medals being won.

Fill these with anything you like; I added a honey glaze and sprinkled with chopped nuts, so they are a bit like baklava. You can dip them in chocolate, roll them in cinnamon, cover with edible glitter if you so wished. Even go savoury as the book suggested, with whipped cream and….prawn. See, anything is possible.