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Lemon poppyseed cake

July 30, 2012


Now, if you were an Olympic athlete who had been hard at it all day, what cake would you want to reward yourself with?

I think I would go for this.

Very M-word, light yet dense, with a slightly crunchy texture and a citrus summer flavour, it has a little bit of everything.

This one is the best recipe I have come across from Dan Lepard as it feels fresher and more zesty than the traditional, dressed up, lemon drizzle sponges. Like a carrot cake, nearly half the fat is sunflower oil with the lemon-sugar syrup soaked through the cake once it is baked rather than having a heavier buttery frosting sitting on top.

Even nicer with a spoonful of marscapone and a raspberry or two on the side. Definitely a champion of cakes, best with a cuppa whilst sitting back to enjoy the gymnastics.




Pasta Salads

July 24, 2012


Finally, the sun is here and we can all get excited about fresh crunchy salads.

Here are a four easy pasta based recipes that I developed for the Good Food Channel, all quick to throw together so you get your optimum sunshine time…



Banoffee pie

July 13, 2012


banoffee pie

I will tell you something for nothing, banoffee pie is…hold on: “Any dieters/calorie counters please look away…now!”

Banoffee is full fat. It goes off the scales; the arrow just bounces to ‘phat’.

Its ladled, oozing with sugars, butters and lashings of cream. All so so bad for you yet oh, so so good. I have to say this is one of the most delicious puddings I have ever whipped up and if you are feel tempted to indulge yourself with something decadently delicious, why not go all the way?

I always thought this was an American recipe but Wikipedia says I am wrong and it originates in East Sussex. This one was adapted from a Mary Berry recipe, where the toffee is made from scratch. You can buy cafe con leche in a tin instead if you’re really short of time. You can use ginger nut or hobnobs instead of digestives and add anything gooey or nutty you fancy drizzled or sprinkled over the top. All the more heavenly.

So, if you are want a real treat this weekend, one that’ll really put a cheeky smile on you face, start crushing those biscuits.