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Niknok’s granola

June 15, 2012



I know it is so very British to complain about the weather but seriously ‘damp and wet’ must end soon or I will be knee-deep in things to make from scratch to enjoy once the sun comes out. I have literally started a summer hibernation making all sorts of sauces, preserves, jams and granola.

Granola gets mixed responses as a healthy whole food in that, like flapjacks, although it’s all grains and seeds, they can be overloaded with fat and sugars. This does not have to be the case and neither do you have to take out the nice bits and feel like your munching on taste-free rabbit food to be eating ‘right’. Like with anything, a bit of common sense moderation is required and if you are going to eat 150g of the stuff for breakfast, perhaps you might like to walk/run/paddle to work. I like it full-fat and full flavoured as a sprinkle over the top a massive bowl of ripe fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Rachel Allen’s recipe is a good base with the ratio of grains, seeds, nuts and fruit with sugars well-balanced although I did find this one overly sweet with too much going on and I did have to omit the dried apricots – not for me thank you.

The recipe below is simplified therefore cheaper version with no seeds but still packed full of flavour. As long as you keep the dry weights the same you can swap and change your nuts, dried fruits, sugar, spices too – try pecans with dried banana and maple syrup or figs with pistachio and a squeeze of lemon in with the honey. You can also use olive oil for the fat, although personally I love the more buttery flavour. How about with some chunks of dark chocolate over vanilla ice cream?

Store in a big clip top jar and hope you get to munch on it at least one sunny day this month.



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